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Why start anew what you can simply improve?

The lost files

Pieces left unheard and unseen.
Those never finished as perfection is key.

Behind Closed Doors

I’ve found myself back where I was Friday, September 2, 2011: emerged in art.

The large wooden doors of the exhibit perfectly matched the exhibit’s title.  I stopped and pondered if this was done on purpose, but I quickly dismissed the notion as those doors are always closed. As I pulled back the handles of the large wooden rectangles, warmth embraced me and pulled in in past the second entrance.

Red fills the room and covers the walls with a sense of power, as it should. In this space I have the opportunity to explore the belongings of sixteen through nineteenth century elite Spanish homes.


Up Heartbreak Hill 

Culture: The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

The understanding of a variety of cultures aids in growth and understanding of oneself and others. Knowledge of other’s customs and beliefs opens our scope of reality. What we’ve known to be true can be strengthened by new knowledge or our once truth can transform to only a strong belief.

"Up Heartbreak Hill" strengthens views about human nature and gives insight to life on a native reservation. This documentary follows three Navajo students - Thomas, Tamara and Gabby - who contemplate their futures after high school. Their exterior lives are different than what those who live off the reservation experience. Common luxuries that many consider necessities are not available on the reservation. There is one nearby store, no running water, and the only recreation center is closed.

The students face internal turmoil while deciding to leave the reservation understanding that the Navajo culture is at risk as fewer young Navajos know the language or traditional Navajo customs. However, their internal private lives these students face battles that many high school students can relate to:

Gabby is an artist. She began taking pictures when her mother gave her a camera to cure her boredom. Gabby’s mother is the breadwinner of the home as her father is mentally and physically disabled. Gabby has experienced physical abuse from a past boyfriend and has witnessed physical abuse in her home.

Thomas is a star cross country runner on the Pine High School track team. Thomas’ father is a recovering alcoholic after being in a vehicular accident which put his father in a coma for three months. Thomas’ mother is in and out of his life.

Tamara is class president and the only female at Pine High who is in calculus. She is a bright student with dreams of going to college out of state, while her parents push her to stay close to home.

Breaking The Woman Code

As many times as I’ve visited Old Town, today was quite different. I decided to explore areas that were uncommon to me. I knew that today, I would embark on something new and exciting.

Long alleys go unnoticed due to the Pueblo-Spanish architecture which creates Old Town. The spaces between the pueblos are small, and without looking to the end of the corridor, it’s hard to tell the beauty lies on the other side. Typically, I would pass by these nooks, looking straight ahead ignoring the less traveled path. But not today. Today, I would break the woman code. Today I would walk through an alley alone.


And the rest of us are not treated like human beings. Period.(x)

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Yesterday I got a call from my sister Cheeraz Gormon in St. Louis who was standing with poet Elizabeth Vega. They wanted me to know that a few women had created, on lawns, in the streets, healing stations, a place where the youth could come and scream and cry and be held and heard in love. Mighty work.Dream Hampton

this made me cry.

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Natural hair color ideas and inspiration!


im laughing so hard because no matter what song you listen to 

spiderman dances to the beat

no matter what song
ive been testing it and lauing my ass off for an hour

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Changing the Face of Beauty 

Different is the future. Deal. 

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Dior Haute Couture S/S 04

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